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Was approved for adoption within 24 hours. The first dog we were interested in was pending adoption to another family so we looked at other dogs. This is to be expected. Rescues do not reserve dogs. It is their mission to adopt dogs out so they can rescue more. The foster mom for the dog we adopted could not have been more accommodating. She came back to an adoption event just so we could meet our dog and allowed my husband to meet dog at her house the next day. The rescue used appropriate medical treatment on our pet prior to bringing him to PA. His vet records were provided. Would have given 5 stars except for the fact that they didn't give me his rabies vaccine tag and I had to go back to another adoption event to pick it up. Would definitely adopt through them again. So many animals to love.
Levittown, PA
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Support Wags if you advocate AGE DISCRIMINATION. If you’re over 64 years old, you’ll need a young cosigner because anyone over 64 doesn’t deserve a young dog since apparently you’re just going to go senile or die.

This is the “senior” statement on their adoption process (directly blocked and copied from their application & website):

“Wags Senior Citizen Adoption Policy
Our first interest is placing our dogs in a home that will be able to care for them for the rest of their lives. Sadly, the shelters are full of dogs that are turned into the shelter in their later years as their owner is no longer able to care for them due to owner health issues, moving to a retirement home, etc. While this is a delicate topic, and not meant to insult anyone, the following guidelines must be met if an adopter is over the age of 64:
1) Generally we will not adopt out young puppies to senior citizens - in 100% of cases in the past, the pup has been promptly returned as the pup was simply too much work for the senior citizen/adopter to keep up with. The dog you choose must be at least 1 year old (or older), and will also be dependent on age of adopter as well as other factors.
2) When choosing a dog that will be a right fit, the age, size and energy level of the dog must be considered. Factors such as whether there is a yard or not, and whether there is another person also living in the home to help care for the dog will be considered, and WAGS reserves the right to restrict the size and age of the dog eligible for adoption to a senior citizen.
3) Any person over the age of 64 must have a family member agree that they will take the dog in the event the adopter can no longer care for the dog. This family member must be interviewed by WAGS and must also sign all adoption paperwork.
When choosing a companion to adopt, please think of the big picture, be realistic, and choose a dog that you expect to be able to care for the rest of the dog’s life.”

So by all means, based on Wags policy, when you reach 64, you’re inept, incompotent and just going to die anyway. So if you agree with discriminating against seniors please support Wags. If not - join me in boycotting them. I pray these fanatic’s children have them put in the retirement home as soon as they’re 64, because anyone over that age is inept and incapable of making informed decisions. (For the record, I’m 40 years old, so this policy isn’t discriminating against me, just all the “old farts” 64 and older.) JOIN ME IN BOYCOTTING WAGS AND ALL BUSINESSES WHO SUPPORT THEM! AARP & BUCKS COUNTY AREA ON AGING ARE INFURATED WITH WAGS AGE POLICY (just saying).
Bensalem, PA
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Long story short. If you want to volunteer, look elsewhere. I hope they treat the animals better than they treat the potential volunteers. What a headache.
1 Star Rating
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I am writing this because my fiancé and i decided we wanted a puppy. When discussing the idea with a co-worker he suggested adopting over “buying.” He himself has volunteered for Wags Rescue and made many valid points. That same day two weeks ago, i decided to apply for apply for a puppy, grayson, jaxson and then duke. I received a phone call the same night i applied advising grayson was adopted, but jaxson and duke were not, they were still available, but sick at the vet so we couldn't see them until they came home. Literally the next day my application was approved and i was informed Jaxson was adopted by then. Again THE NEXT DAY, after having been told he was available and there was nothing we could do until they came home from the vet. So from that point we decided on meeting Duke. When arriving to meet Duke the foster Tarah informed us someone else was interested and because their application was approved 45 minutes before mine that they had first dibs. We had already scheduled to meet Duke and the “first dibs” person scheduled after us. We FELL IN LOVE with Duke. But because the other persons application was approved first they got him. We were CRUSHED. but let it go. Fast forward to this week Wednesday, i scheduled for a meet and greet with Piraeus today, Saturday. Upon arriving to the fosters home we were told all of the puppies were available besides specifically Piraeus. The one puppy we were interested and were told we cant take him home until 3/8. So again, showed up to see a dog that we didn't have a chance with. I inquired and set everything up Wednesday, yet someone bought him online Thursday and some how no one knew anything about it. How is it in the case of Duke it was okay to hold him for the family that was approved before us(according to the foster) even though we inquired first and with Piraeus was again inquired first, but someone jumped right over us by paying for him and no one knew anything about it?! What was one dog allowed to be held and not the other? How is someone allowed to adopt a dog sight unseen? Isn't is all about the right fit for the dog? How can that be decided of there is no meet and greet done?! How is it known that dog is right for that family and vice versa?! None of this is fair to us. To get our hopes up and keep stringing us along saying “there are always more puppies.” I get that, but having us meet different puppies over and over for NOTHING is not right. At this point it makes no sense in adopting. Might as well go and shop for one instead of rescuing one. This whole ordeal is not good for your reputation. From my co-worker who had great things to say about this organization to now me and my situation opening up his eyes. Word of mouth spreads and i can guarantee anyone in my passings looking for a dog hears our story so they don't make the same mistake and have to go through the same crap we had to emotionally and mentally with your organization. I hope this email makes it to someone that really matters and cares. I will be sure to post it everywhere i can and again will spread the word on this phony organization who “puta the dogs first.” The money is whats important, nothing else, clearly.

Amy S.
Willow Grove, PA