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A few weeks ago, I started to act differently. I didn’t want to eat or drink water. I started throwing up. I began to make strange noises. My stomach began hurting a whole lot. My people did not know what was wrong. The night I began to change, they stayed up all night with me trying to keep me warm. The next day they took me to Woodland Animal Hospital. They thought at first it might just be a blockage, but the x-rays did not show anything unusual. They sent me home with medicine and told us to keep an eye on me. For the second night in a row, my people stayed up the entire night with me. In the morning, I did not feel better.

The vets at Woodland gave me an immediate appointment—they open at 7:30 AM—how cool is that?—and found I had some strange sickness. I’m just a small rat terrier. I don’t understand all of the big words, but I believe they called it parvo. They said the survival rate for this disease was not a good one—the odds were against me. I was admitted into the hospital and I remained there for a few days.

I’m writing this review because I lived through it. I’m strong again, I’m eating well, and I’m as playful as I can be. Life is precious even if I’m just a dog, and the people at Woodland are my heroes. They worked with me and worked with me and never gave up. How could I give up? I couldn’t.

Thank you, everyone at Woodland Animal Hospital, for saving my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your bestie,

Jefferson City, MO