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Dealership Photo Reviews

Customer Reviews:
Industry Average = 8%Snap21 Dealers = 40+%

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Dealership Photo Reviews
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Branded photo emailed to customer
Dealership Photo Reviews
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Dealership Photo Reviews

snap21 presents klick lewis as 2015 central pa's dealer of the year

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Snap21 Photo Reviews

Reviews. Social Media. Reputation.

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Get 5X More Reviews from Your Every Day Happy Customers
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The industry standard is 8% reviews. Snap21 will get 40% of your customers to leave you a review and we can prove it!

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Your Customers Will Become Your Biggest Advocates on Social Media
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Get your customers actively engaging their friends and family about your business on their favorite social media channels.

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Give Your Reputation a Boost & Watch Your Business Increase
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Receive review alerts when a review is left for your business on social media or other review websites, such as Yelp,, Edmunds...

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Real Reviews from Local People

Don't let negative reviews tarnish your reputation. Snap21 gets your happy customers to create a constant flow of positive online reviews. You can then stream these reviews anywhere you'd like with our review widget.
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Amplify Your Happy Customers

Positive Reviews Increase Search Referrals by as Much as 100%

Having recent reviews online is a crucial aspect to today's marketplace and Snap21 has the solution. Businesses with ratings or reviews receive double the clicks and contacts of businesses without.

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Social Media

Reviews Reputation

Reach Your Customers' Social Circles

The average Facebook user has 200+ friends. Snap21 makes it nearly effortless for your customers to share their photo branded by your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and via email. This means you reach an entirely different set of friends and family with each and every shared Snap. Word of Mouth is still the best form of advertising!
Word of Mouth Revival

Reach Your Target Audience

Photos get 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs (Kissmetrics Study)

Studies show that Gen Y's and Millennials – which will account for over 50% of the U.S. workforce by 2020 – would prefer to use social media or instant messaging rather than talking with someone face-to-face. When your customers share their Snaps, the photo gets branded by your business before it posts to social media websites. Now their entire online social circle can see how happy they are with their purchase!

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Reviews Social Media

Manage Your Business Reputation

Although it’s important to monitor what your customers are saying about you online, it's equally if not more vital to have fresh content being created about your business.
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Birds-Eye (re)View

Review Alerts & Monthly Stats

Snap21 lets you target review websites such as Google+, DealerRater, Facebook, Yelp,, Edmunds, DemandForce, Yahoo and more. You will also receive review alerts notifying you every time someone posts a review about you.

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Evaluate Team Performance

Monthly Reporting

Snap21's reporting features let you see exactly how your team is performing. You'll also receive a monthly overview report detailing how your team is doing.

5.0 star Review

"Just using Snap21 over 3 months has increased my new business by 33%..."

"I am extremely happy about the quality of the product and the service I have received since starting in May 2014... It is very simple to use which is a big plus in my business... Just using Snap21 over 3 months has increased my new business by 33%... I am looking forward to having Snap21 as a great asset for my future business!"
Marcie F
Harrisburg, PA

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Responsive Design

Snap21 was built from the ground up on a 100% responsive design. Not only is this great for Search Engine Optimization, but it guarantees your reviews are tailored to look great on any computer or device, no matter how or where they're viewed.

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