Turn Your Clients into Your Most Prominent Advocates

Snap21 is an integrated photo review app, one-touch social sharing and review platform that's recognized and validated by Google. It provides a simple and convenient way for your clients to rate and review their experience with your business, then socially share this experience with their family and friends.

The Simple Process

Get More Reviews

Snap21 clients get 50% of their happy customers to post online reviews. The industry average is only eight percent!

Our Review Benefits

Improve Your Reputation

Snap21 understands you need reviews across multiple websites. We also help you collect reviews on other websites like Google.

Our Reputation Benefits

Happy Clients Referrals

When a Snap is sent to your client, it is branded for your business. Now when they post to their social websites, it's branded.

Our Referral Benefits
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Snap21 makes it simple to collect reviews on a monumental scale. Using Snap21, 50% of your happy clients post online reviews about you. That’s over 6X the review response the average business gets.

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Facebook Integration

Our Facebook integration features allow you to schedule Snap21 reviews to post to your business' Facebook page. It's like cruise control for your timeline - personalize the posts with brand information and #hashtags.

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Google Integration

Our Google integration allows you to request a review from your client and directly route them into Google. This streamlined integration delivers proven results.

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Review Notifications

Any time someone posts a review about your business online, Snap21 notifies you immediately so you can quickly respond.

Snap21 Reviews Are Different

Snap21 pioneered the photo review. Our reviews are paired with a photo of your client or product so when people read them, they know they’re real!

Review Widget

Seamlessly stream your reviews to any website and customize it to match your brand.

Taking a Snap

Taking a Snap generates numerous outlets for your client to easily share their experience. Snap21 is successful because it’s so simple. The best part is, wherever they share, it’s branded for your business.

Requesting a review or social share is simple

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Snap21 is a reputation creation tool. Don’t just manage your reputation... create it! Snap21 generates a constant flow of new and positive content on the web for your potential clients to read and for search engines like Google to index.

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Snap21 Generates

  • Snap21 photo reviews
  • Google reviews
  • Social sharing to your clients’ social circles
  • Facebook auto-posting of reviews
  • Review notifications for sites across the web

Business Branded

No matter where a snap is posted or shared, it’s branded for your business.

Increase Reach

Expand your sphere of influence by reaching your clients' friends & family.

Useful Statistics

View beneficial data to help you see where you compare to benchmarks.

Manage & Respond

Easily control where you’re directing review requests and respond to Google, Facebook or Snap21 reviews from your computer or cell phone.

List of google reviews and Snap21 reviews with photo

Increase Your Presence

Reviews Are the 5th Most Influential Factor in Search Engine Rankings for Your Business. Every word of the great content your client's post (as well as the responses you provide) is indexed and searched by local car shoppers.

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Snap21 reviews improve page rank and are validated and recognized by Google

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With 92% of consumers relying on the opinions of their family and friends to make purchasing decisions, online word-of-mouth is king. Snap21 captures your client’s happy moment in a photo and brands it for your business. Now, when they share their photo on their social media, their family and friends know they purchased from you.

1/3 Of All Snaps Result in a Social Share

Get exposed to your clients' friends & family. The average Facebook user has 350 friends!

Snap21 branded photo shared on Facebook
1/3 of Snap21 photos are shared on Facebook.

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